Student & University Funding

,Athe 2023 UUK conversation on university funding it was apparent that the shrunken real value of student maintenance loans was a major concern. This was causing hardship and leading to a number of students ending their studies early. 

CAMROW can help universities address this problem. We can advise and guide institutions on how they can make their own income-contingent loans to students. This is a charitable purpose as it supports those who are short of funds, enabling them to complete their studies. It also helps the university by improving completion rates and securing tuition fee revenue.

Isuuing loans is not without risk. These risks can be managed by good planning of the parameters of the scheme, by re-deployment of bursary and scholarship funds and by borrowing.

Our consultancy service offers expert advice and implementation of risk (income) sharing arrangements between universities, administrator companies, and students. We will work with all parties to develop a mutually beneficial income sharing agreement that takes into account the specific needs and goals of each individual entity.

In 2021 we set up an income contingent loan scheme for the University of Buckingham. Developing a plan, winning support, advising marketing and administration teams, negotiating with provider. Our experienced consultants will guide the process from start to finish, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation of the income sharing arrangement. Contact us today to learn more about how our consultancy service can help your university, administrator company, and student achieve your financial goals.

Outline project plan

  1. Stakeholder engagement: Identify the goals and objectives of the ISA program, including the types of students and programs that will be eligible for funding and the expected return on investment for the university.
  2. Conduct a thorough market analysis to assess the potential demand for ISAs at the university and to identify any potential competitors or challenges.
  3. Proposal: Develop a clear and transparent pricing model for the ISA program, including the terms of the agreement (such as the length of the repayment period and the percentage of income that will be paid back) and the expected costs and benefits for students.
  4. Secure buy-in: Present to management, relevant staff, Council and Senate to make sure all are comfortable and enthusiastic about the plans and that agreement to proceed is secured
  5. Review all communications: Create a comprehensive marketing and outreach plan to promote the ISA program to students and other stakeholders, including targeted advertising and communication efforts.
  6. Advise on marketing
  7. Negotiate contract: Establish partnerships with potential ISA providers and other organizations, such as lenders or financial aid offices, to ensure that the program is well-supported and has access to the necessary resources.
  8. Take responsibility: Create a dedicated team to manage the ISA program, including staff to handle applications, processing, and repayment.
  9. Review all systems: Develop a robust and user-friendly application process for students to apply for ISA funding, including clear information about the eligibility requirements and the terms of the agreement.
  10. Support application: Create a system for tracking and monitoring the progress of students who have received ISA funding, including regular check-ins and reporting to ensure that students are meeting the terms of their agreements.
  11. Develop a plan for addressing default or non-compliance, including options for renegotiation, refinancing, or collection efforts.
  12. Day to day management of execution. Change contracts. Communications. Web material
  13. Evaluate the success of the ISA program on an ongoing basis and make adjustments as needed to improve the program and maximize its impact.


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